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The Rose Auguste Escoffier®

The rose Auguste Escoffier ® Meizasmyne is a variety that was specially created at the request of Fondation Auguste Escoffier by the Roseraies Meilland Richardier in 2020 for this great Chef. This rose is in his image, both gentle and strong, whose pink/orange colours recall one of his greatest culinary successes: the Peach Melba (vanilla ice cream topped by a peach poached in vanilla syrup and covered with fresh raspberries puree. 

It now blooms outside the Museum, in the Escoffier garden in front of the townhall and the Auguste Escoffier Cultural Centre in Villeneuve-Loubet.

Matthias MEILLAND's description


"[...] Take advantage of this compact rose with decorative foliage that is highly resistant to disease in beds and borders in the garden, or in large pots to decorate terraces and balconies.


From late spring to late autumn, the AUGUSTE ESCOFFIER ® Meizasmyne offers its pretty roses grouped in bouquets of 2 to 5 flowers. [...] Their petals are dressed in an elegant apricot-peach tone, enhanced with yellow at the heart, and are gradually hemmed with raspberry pink. A delicate almond fragrance with hints of aniseed emerges from the roses. [...]


This pretty rose with gourmet shades pays tribute to Auguste Escoffier (28 Oct. 1846 - 12 Feb. 1935), the most famous Chef and culinary author of his time. Awarded the Légion d'Honneur in 1919, this "king of Chefs", whose influence is still relevant today, modernised French cuisine both backstage and in his recipes, and exported his innovative ideas all over the world. These creative recipes often bear the names of celebrities of the time, including the famous Peach Melba (1893), a delicate dessert and a tribute to the Australian singer Nellie Melba.


Auguste Escoffier was also a lover of flowers and enjoyed reproducing their small details in wax.”

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